April 27, 2022

INTERVIEW DESCRIPTION The endoscopic examination found:

  • moderate segmental widening of the light diverticulum) esophagus in the cervical part approx. 35 cm behind the line of the incisors (in the form
  • mucosa of the esophagus normotypic, segmental inflammatory, swollen
  • closed inlet, with difficult penetration during the entire test
  • the entire surface of the gastric mucosa with signs of hypertrophy, initially difficult to orientate strong overgrowth of folds just behind the groove, overgrowth of antrum folds,
  • folds poorly responding to insufflation
  • focal erosion in the stem
  • in inversion, the mucosa shrinks on the speculum, and the cardia is closed
  • pyloric wall hypertrophy, preventing duodenal visualization Comment: hypertrophic gastritis, pyloric hyperplasia

TREATMENTS ENDOSCOPY L50 600 Hospital care 0 Anesthesia / assistance endoscopy 100% lekitech 0


  1. ACTH test
  2. Re-X-ray with the contrast mixed with the feed - assessment of the passage of the content 3.Laparotomy with intestinal specimens and intraoperative evaluation of the pylorus to be considered - after X-ray