Blood Smear Analysis

April 15, 2022
Blood test

Two preparations stained with meth. Diff-Quick Leukogram: segmented neutrophils 60%, lymphocytes 24%, monocytes 10%, eosinophils: 6% Red cell system: advanced poikilocytosis, multiple acanthocytes up to 60% of red blood cells in the field of view, few schistocytes, single keratocytes White blood cell system: reduced blood cell density, segmented neutrophils dominate, lymphocytes moderately numerous, small and medium, single reactive Plate layout: manual plate number: 200 G / l Comments: In dogs, the presence of acanthocytes is of a multi-aetiological character, the differential diagnosis should take into account microangiopathies described in angiosarcoma, lymphomas, DIC, severe iron deficiency (no other features of iron deficiency were found in the smear-hypochromia) and lipid metabolism disorders (diseases of the liver, biliary tract and hypothyroidism) and glomerulonephritis. The presence of acanthocytes has also been reported in gastrointestinal disease / inflammation and gastric cancer. According to some publications, the frequency of neoplastic diseases is slightly higher than that of non-neoplastic diseases in dogs with acanthocytosis, therefore the described qualitative changes should be considered in a clinical context. Nevertheless, based on the clinical picture and the results obtained so far, this etiology seems unlikely.