Abdominal Cavity Ultrasound

November 10, 2021

From Google Translate:

Liver of normal size, homogeneous flesh on the entire surface, no inflammatory changes, no changes degenerative changes without the presence of focal and proliferative changes. The edges of the liver are smooth Gallbladder normal, diameter 1.3 mm, no inflammatory changes, no deposits in the light, biliary tract unexplained no bile stasis unextended no passive stagnation in the liver. The portal vein system is normal. Seated, slightly enlarged, about 30 mm thick, homogeneous flesh without infiltrative or focal changes , smooth edges Splenic vein not dilated Normal-sized, symmetrical kidneys with a size of approximately 61 x 29 mm, the parenchyma of both kidneys are normal no inflammatory changes without degenerative changes with normal cortico-spinal differentiation. Pelvis renal not dilated, no urinary retention, no deposits, no calcification. Ureters not dilated Symmetrical adrenal glands without any signs of hyperplasia and deformation, with a diameter of about 5 mm Pancreas not enlarged about 9 mm in diameter unchanged without inflammatory changes without signs of fibrosis fastened around. No infiltration Empty stomach, normal structure, layered without inflammatory changes, infiltrative, diameter 6 mm No residual content and gas Small intestine without non-specific inflammatory remodeling No residual content in the light - proper absorption Normal peristatics Correctly layered large intestine, no lesions of hyperplastic fasteners, moderately gasified. Normal peristalsis. Blindly defining intestine exit unchanged Urinary bladder quite well filled with urine, bladder wall without structural changes, diameter 1.2 mm without inflammatory lesions no hyperplastic changes in the light no deposits Urethra not dilated no changes in construction site Atrophic prostate 18 x19 mm - no hormonal activity Lack of fluid, no enlarged lymph nodes in the retroperitoneal space A reactive youth immune response? Mesenteric lymph nodes 7-8 mm


No fluid in the pleural cavity Sternal reactive absorbent nodes 2-3 mm Atrophic thymus Properly constructed swivel without widening features Thyroid gland without signs of atrophy, of normal size 38 x 7 mm Correct structure no focal changes Parathyroid gland not enlarged Neighboring lymph nodes not enlarged Thyroid picture without ultrasound signs of hypothyroidism Conclusions Correct picture of the abdominal cavity and chest organs