An unusual set of distractions

How I deal with day-to-day distractions

There are various forms of distractions. Office space tends to be - quite paradoxically - the worst place to do perform high quality work. Notifications are another thing. The list of obvious offenders is quite simple.

Distractions tend to be problematic. They might kill creativity. They might be the source of extra, unnecessary stress in your daily routine. They might make you feel as if you need to hurry with stuff requiring time and careful attention.

Over the years I’ve discovered what kind of distractions hurt me most.

Personally, I count day-to-day tasks, such as: paying bills, replying to e-mails, quick fixes and such as distractions. Why? They tend to occupy my head and dominate cognition until I complete them.

This is why I start my day with them. I wake up early, complete the stuff I’d hate to think about whole day and begin my day with clear, empty head.

Eat the frog first thing in the morning.

Posted on Oct 25
Written by Patryk